The Cashmere Farms Super Plus Cashmere*Sale  

*Certified as the rarest, softest, warmest, most pill resistant, and finest Cashmere in the World
All proceeds go to help Life With Joy Inc

The best, finest and highest rated cashmere

Ivory cashmere cardigan, made from the best, finest and highest rated cashmere in the world
Certified as the world's best and finest cashmere... by the foremost fiber testing laboratory in the world.
Lots of companies claim they have great cashmere...but only Cashmere Farms offers proof on every sweater, because the highly coveted Intertek hangtag is on each and every sweater they have tested.
Why don't the other premium cashmere sweater manufactures do this?
Because talk is cheaper than finding and paying for the very best cashmere available.

More importantly to them (not to you) they can make more money selling economy premium prices simply by saying it's pure cashmere. But not all “pure” cashmere is equal...

Why the quality of cashmere should be important to you...
It's only important if:
  • You want everyone who sees it or touches it to say... “Wow”.
  • You want a sweater that feels like a cloud on your skin and cocoons you in warmth without weight... because it's 8 times warmer than wool.
  • You want to look and feel like you're walking down the red carpet every time you slip it on... for years and years and years.
The finest cashmere, like diamonds, is one of life's true luxuries.... and best investments
However, until now there was no way of knowing the grade or rarity of the cashmere you we're getting... except by the price tag... and if you think that's a safe or sure way of getting what you pay for... think about this: Would you buy a diamond ring from a jewelry store simply because the store owner claimed the ring was a one carat, flawless, D color diamond with an excellent cut? Of course you wouldn't. You'd demand to see proof by a independent testing lab like the GIA (Gemological Institute of America ). And now you can do the same with least with one company!
Introducing Cashmere Farms cashmere sweaters, simply the world's finest... but not because we say they are...
Cashmere Farm sweaters are the only cashmere sweaters that are
Each sweater in our limited edition of 500 is crafted from two-ply of the world's finest cashmere ...these sweaters are not available in stores ...
certified by the foremost independent cashmere testing laboratory in the being crafted from the finest and highest rated 2 ply cashmere in the world (Super +). This guarantees that each fiber is certified as being no more than 15 microns in diameter and no less than 38 millimeters in length). More importantly, each sweater proudly displays both a hang tag and label from Intertek that certifies their Super + rating.

Now getting the best cashmere is as simple as buying the best diamonds ... all you have to do is look for the Cashmere Farms label or the Intertek hangtag.

500 of the best cashmere sweaters in the world have arrived

Cashmere Farms has flown 500 of our individually certified Super + cashmere sweaters here to America . However as you can imagine we expect them to be snatched up quickly... 

If you are interested in acquiring the very best cashmere sweater in the world...certified by the foremost fiber testing lab in the world... please click on the link below. 

Not available in any store.

Thank you

Gary and Susan