The Cashmere Farms Super Plus Cashmere*Sale  

*Certified as the rarest, softest, warmest, most pill resistant, and finest Cashmere in the World
All proceeds go to help Life With Joy Inc

The two best ways to show the World you're a star -

Acquire a Ferrari and a Cashmere Farms sweater.

(Or save yourself $257,000 and just get the's a lot more rare.)

Ferrari will make 7000 cars this year. We can make only 250 sweaters.
Because these sweaters are made from the rarest and finest cashmere on the planet.
The yarn they are made from is the ONLY cashmere rated super plus by the International testing laboratory Intertek.
So what is super plus ?
Super plus is cashmere which is carefully combed from the rarest of Mongolian goats - goats who only thrive in the harshest coldest mountain winters.
To be considered super plus quality, yarn fibers must be no more than 15 um in diameter and no less than 34mm in average length.
Every season, all the yarn is tested and sorted...only a few hundred kilos are able to be classified super plus. What does super plus mean to you ? That these sweaters are the softest, warmest, most pill-resistant cashmere on the planet ...Interested in being one of the few to acquire this treasure ?