The Cashmere Farms Super Plus Cashmere*Sale  

*Certified as the rarest, softest, warmest, most pill resistant, and finest Cashmere in the World
All proceeds go to help Life With Joy Inc

Why independently rated cashmere is better... than relying on what the advertising says...

If you wouldn't buy a diamond ring, collectible coin, expensive wine or a house, without an independent appraisal...

Why would you spend $1500 or more on a cashmere sweater just because the manufacturer said the cashmere was “pure”, from baby goats, a specific place on a goat, or was washed in some river in Scotland?

(Especially because “pure” isn't a rating...nor does it matter how young the goats are, what part of the body the hair is gathered from, or where the cashmere is washed.)

We have the best cashmere sweaters in the world...not because we say we do...not because we charge the most, (which we don't by a long shot) and not because people recognize our brand...because they don't...yet. 

We have the best cashmere sweaters in the world because we can prove it.

Intertek certification of the finest 2 ply, densely knit cashmere sweaters, verifing that they are the best bargain for the money
Simply put, each and every sweater we make has been tested and verified that 100% of it is made from the very best cashmere in the world...(Super plus +).

This means each sweater is made from the thinnest, longest and whitest cashmere fibers...which means you're getting the softest, warmest, most luxurious, most pill-resistant cashmere available at any price anywhere. 

Most importantly, because we at Cashmere Farms are in the “cashmere business” we realize you can buy a “pure cashmere” sweater for less than a hundred dollars to well over three thousand dollars. 

However, few consumers know what it takes for cashmere to be rated (Super +) and another to be rated merely "pure". And because of this...most consumers rely on a label or price instead of a rating... which is no way to make sure you're getting what you're paying for.

Ditto when it comes to wine...I for one wouldn't know what wine to drink without Robert Parker, “The Wine Enthusiast”, “Wine Spectator” and the “Wine Library”. In fact, unless I see Robert Parker's rating...I don't buy it, not matter whose name is on the label, where it's from or what kind of wine it is...but that's just me.

This is also true with cashmere...because without a microscope or a soft the cashmere feels is just subjective... and unless you can feel each grade how could anyone really be sure of the grade you are getting or how pill-resistant it will be after wearing... without an independent the GIA certificate that verifies the quality of a diamond?

We admire people who seek out and buy the best of the best...and believe they should get what they pay for.

We also believe if you claim you have the best of anything, diamonds, collectible coins, wine, dogs, cashmere, whatever should be able to provide proof of your claims.

If you believe the same...this is where you should shop for your Cashmere, knowing that you will be acquiring the finest cashmere in the world.

Thank you for listening,

Gary Kolb

President of Cashmere Farms